New Administrator & Rules



New Administrator
As you may have noticed the forum has
grown tremendously in the last few weeks and as
stubborn as I am, I can't handle it all on my own
which is why I've decided to adopt an active
contributing member into Onlinecer's Administration.

Forum Rules & Guidelines
I've added some rules and guidelines, it's
currently quite small but I'm constantly
working on it to make it more extensive.
Check the link every so often for updates.

Colour Change Poll
I've added a small poll located here, vote
on what colour you would like to become
Onlinecer's official new colours / style!

The New Admin Is..
@Liza - he has contributed a lot of time
into the forums and countless reports to
help us knuckle down and make the forum
a better place and I'll be glad to work with
Mason for foreseeable future on Onlinecer.

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